There are too many companies that skip out on having a phone number on their website. Staffing can be a challenge, and response times are stressful, but by not having a phone number available, they are missing out on a lot of business.  Studies have shown that buyers actually prefer phone over email to correspond.

While it’s true that we are living in an online world now, that is no reason to leave good old-fashioned human interaction behind. People want to hear from real people. When we compare the date between lead forms and phone calls, the winner becomes clear. Here are the top five reasons for investing your time in phone calls rather than lead forms.

1.   High-Quality Leads

While you may think that all leads are the same, whether they come from a phone call or a lead form. This is not always the case. More often than not, lead forms will be used by potential clients who are still unsure and are just beginning to look into purchasing. Those who pick up the phone, however, are generally much more inclined to make a decision quickly.

Studies show lead forms only convert about 2% of customers vs. the 25%-40% of conversion from those that call in. By this account, phone calls have a 10 to 12 times higher chance of gaining a sale than a lead form. People who call in are more decisive, bold, and ready to pull the trigger.

2.   Optimized for Mobile

The Smartphone industry has completely taken over today’s world, with almost 84% of the population owning a handheld mobile device. Because of this, more web surfing is being done on a smartphone than on a desktop computer, and decisions are being made based on what results they find. As a result, potential clients reach out to companies directly to make a purchase.

A study from Google themselves showed that 70% of mobile searchers call a business directly from their search results. Moreover, mobile searchers make up over 48% of the total call volume.

By placing a click-to-call box on your website or including strong CTAs, you can significantly increase the number of phone call leads and enhance the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

3.   Increased Customer Service Abilities

Mismanagement of lead forms is an all too common problem by many companies, and potential clients can get routed to the wrong departments or agents. However, marketers can all agree that a personal touch significantly enhances a customer’s relationship with a company.

By ensuring that phone calls are a large part of your marketing strategy, you can greatly improve customer service. You have the means to get fast, detailed information from your customers, and they have a preferable customer service experience with your brand.

4.   Faster Closing Process

Over the years, the basics of lead forms have stayed pretty consistent, even in today’s world. Prospective clients fill out their information and send it off, but the response they receive may vary drastically between companies.

Very rarely do businesses respond in an appropriate time frame, often taking 1-2 business days to respond to a lead if they call at all. If they do call, studies have shown that representatives only make an average of 1.3 tries to get a hold of a lead before moving on to the next.

By having leads able to call you directly, you have the ability to gauge their levels of interest for yourself, gather all of the information you need, and schedule a time for your next phone call. As a result, nobody is left waiting, and you aren’t wasting your time talking to a voicemail.

5.   Data Analytics

The ability to record and track phone calls has allowed us to get a much clearer picture of just how our potential clients are being drawn to our brand. You can see if they clicked on an ad from social media, search results, or mobile ads. You can even tell when they viewed the ads and for how long, and use this data to modify your marketing process accordingly. Knowing the age and demographic of your clientele can help you market properly and significantly increase the likelihood of sales.

The Benefits of Follow Up Phone Calls

If you’re looking to boost your company’s credibility, there is no better way than follow-up phone calls. This shows the lead that they are worth a real person’s time, not just an automated email. In addition, this makes people feel valued, and more relaxed when talking with you.

Consumers are much more inclined to purchase from someone they view as trustworthy and may even recommend your company to family, friends, and coworkers. This increases sales in the long run, saving you time and effort down the road.

Follow-up phone calls are also a great way to bring up any sales, promotions, or specials your company might be offering, or that you think this particular client might be interested in. This allows the customer to feel special and gives a personal touch. You also can answer any questions they may have and give them any additional information that may have otherwise taken dozens of emails.

In conclusion, the data has made it clear that the benefits of phone call sales have stood the test of time. However, while we should by no means ignore the advances and technology offered to us in today’s world, we should never forget the charm of a human connection. We can certainly take advantage of the tools we now have in our arsenal, but never forget that connection and the human experience are the best tools of all.