Sales calls and Inquiries are vital for any business to grow and thrive for any business.  Each call has the potential to earn money for your company and expand your client base. But if callers are unable to speak to someone to learn about your business, it can be costly as these callers often call the next company down the list, waiting to speak with someone.  And it usually means a lost opportunity for your brand. According to The Harvard Business Review, 80% of callers will hang-up when they reach a voicemail. To prevent this from happening, you can hire a company to answer your sales calls!

We listed six benefits if you hire a telephone answering service.

Benefit #1. Your Business Is Always Reachable By Phone

One of the priorities of any business is to make yourself accessible to your existing and potential clients. A large number of people still prefer making phone calls. Get a virtual assistance service to answer your sales calls to ensure that you never miss any at all! By partnering with this company, your business can take calls even during the busiest peak hours. No matter how large the volume of calls comes in, you are assured that all clients can get through.

Benefit #2. Your Appointments Are Always Organized

Hiring a company to serve as your virtual receptionist doesn’t only mean you’ll never miss a call from a client, but it also translates to having an appointment organizer. If given access to your calendar, the company can handle all bookings. They can be on top of your schedule and can easily re-book or move appointments even with last-minute changes!

Benefit #3. You Have Zero Worries about Training, Supervision, and Attendance Issues

Some aspects of your business can already take up a lot of your focus. If you hire in-house staff to handle administrative duties such as taking phone calls, you may not have enough time and energy to train and supervise them. However, if you hire a telephone answering service, you won’t have to worry about their recruitment, onboarding, attendance, and performance quality control because your third-party partner covers that for you.

Benefit #4. Your Capabilities Increase Even If You Stay Small

More than just creating an illusion that your company is bigger than it is, getting a virtual assistance service also improves your business’ capabilities. Of course, you have to shoulder costs with hiring a virtual receptionist, but a good thing is that your business is empowered to do more without stretching time and resources. This can go a long way in building credibility for your brand.

Benefit #5. Your Business (Not Your Answering Machine) Builds Connection with Clients

Client loyalty is founded on trust, specifically one that develops from real connections with your clients through genuine human-to-human interaction. While answering machines may be good for business, they can’t build relationships with your clients. Virtual receptionists can provide that personal touch lacking from answering machines.

Benefit #6. Your Business Is More Efficient, More Productive

Answering phone calls not only takes time. It can be disruptive too! It breaks momentum when you or your staff are focused on working. The more phone calls needing your staff’s attention, the more efficiency and productivity can take a hit eventually.

Final Thought

So, let another company take care of answering phone calls. Free yourself and your staff from the burden of addressing every call that comes any time of the day. Focus instead on core operations and let virtual assistants answer your sales calls.