Flexible Pricing. No gimmicks. No Hidden Fees. 

Get the support you need for a fraction of the price of hiring a sales assistant

We are proud of our pricing. You get a great service at a fair price. No need to fill out a form and get pitched by a salesperson.


Our services are fully scalable and we can design a program to meet your complex needs, even working inside your CRM and organizational structure.  We can work with you to develop a program that is right for you!

No Gimmick Pricing

With our no gimmick pricing, phone numbers are included, and no minute fees.

We are Sales Focused

Our team has sales training and acts as a solid front end to your sales process.

Total Inbound Solution

Unlike traditional answering services, we can respond to all your leads that come in, no matter how. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a lead processed?

A lead to us is anyone to who reached to your business to learn more with the intention of entering your sales process.  Leads come in many forms; can be via phone, email, form, or however your company brings them in.

How do I get the leads over to you?

The most important metrics for us is speed that we receive your leads.  The quicker we get them, the more likely they convert into customers.  We recommend including our company on your distribution list.

Which plan should I choose?

Pick that plan that most accurately has the most built in calls that meets your needs.  This helps us plan accordingly.  It’s almost like you are prepaying for their availabilty.  This is how we best staff appropriately.

Why are your rates more than a typical answering service?

We are structured as a shared virtual assistant.  They are trained on your account, and actually wait for your calls to come in. Answering services are call centers, which are designed to be as optimized as possible, to handle as many calls as possible.  We very intentionally have a low account per assistant ratio, so they become familiar with your company and prospects.

Do you provide 24/7 coverage?

Yes we do.  Your phones gets answered 24/7.  You never have to worry about a call going to voicemail.  Our sales assistants work when you do, any respond to any overnight leads the following morning.

Do you charge for cold calls received?

There is no charge for calls under a minute.  That usually elimates being charged for these types of calls, or anything else that shouldn’t be processed.

Why do you charge per call instead of by minutes?

We want the calls to sound a natural as possible, and sometimes prospects can be chatty on the phone.  We would rather focus on the best experience for the prospects calling your business.

Is there an extra charge for toll-free numbers?

We don’t charge you anything extra for those numbers.  While it does cost us more to register those numbes, we don’t want costs to be factor in deciding which number you want prospects calling you on.